Testing Karwin Pro. Doesn't play CDGs

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Testing Karwin Pro. Doesn't play CDGs

Postby Jman » Thu Sep 30, 2004 2:04 pm

I have had this problem with Winamp as well. I put in a Top Tunes or Chart Busters CDG and it isn't recognizable with this software. I first thought it was my OS (XP Pro) but someone recommended another software package and with it all works fine. I'm not mentioning the name because I'm not here to praise anyone else. I'm here to try to find the best software and wonder if this is a known problem.

I have
Windows XP PRO
New Aspi drivers (nero versions)
Plextor burner drive

If someone can point out a way to make the software recognize the CDGs then it would be great. If not then I'll move on. Thanks!


Reading cdg

Postby michou » Sat Oct 02, 2004 1:38 am


J-P is out of town so I will try to answer your question, Karawin Pro does read cdg directly from the drive but I don't believe it will read the TT or SC because they have some protection that will act like a double session.

My understanding is, in a near future (I hope) Karawin will have an extractor with a web database? The best is to come back, stick around!

I do recommend you use a different ASPI driver than Nero, it doesn't work well with many Karaoke software, use the Adaptec version, check their website for latest version.

Hope this helps?
Take Care

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