Loading CDG:s takes forever....???

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Loading CDG:s takes forever....???

Postby Tombstone » Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:39 am


I have a urgent question. I have KaraWin Pro and I´m working with only CDG files from my harddrive in KaraWin, and they are all Zipped. I have about 1400 songs divided up in 4 maps on my harddrive.
The problem is that it takes KaraWin for ever and ever to load each one of the maps in the Explorer part of KaraWin.
Can this operation be speeded up in any way??? Is it faster if I unzip the CDG:s and use them unzipped?
I use a laptop with 1300Mhz Intel Celeron processor and have 512MB memory installed. Is my computer too slow or what is wrong???? :cry:


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