A third option for karawin

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A third option for karawin

Postby karaoke-mike » Mon Oct 04, 2004 8:33 am

A third option for karawin a hoster edition, one designed with the karaoke jock in mind, kind of a scaled down version but with all the options for a kj like having a singer rotation list added, an export option added for song lists so you can make custom books for different venues, dont need midi , mainly the most popular formats. For my business i myself perfer mp3+g, but there are two other popular ones out there too wma+g and ogg+g, with the option of playing cd+g direct and myself would like to have the ability to play some video format like mpg or wmv , with control options like , multiplex, pitch, tempo, etc.. Right now i am beta testing for a hoster program and so far not really impressed with how it functions or how compatible it is, and its not that user friendly. And if this is something worth looking into i would more then be happy to be a tester for this project i am in the market of changing software so far i am looking at tricerasoft but i dont really need a dual deck system and its not all that user friendly. and the price on the one with the options im looking for isnt really wallet friendly either.

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