What is JingleWin?

JingleWin is a brand new original design.
It is the association of a piano keyboard and a multimedia player.

The keyboard is the one of the window. It can be driven with the mouse, with the computer keyboard and with an external midi keyboard.

Each key can be associated with a multimedia file, video or audio that your computer is able to play. Typically all sound files (midi, wav, kar etc..?) and all video files (avi, mpeg, divx ....). The player drives the DirectShow DirectX interface of Windows (TM) to render files.

All keys definitions are saved in files for immediate reuse. You can extend your keys collections with an infinite number of sets.

Each key can specify the range to play (min, max) and the rate at which the associated file must be played to create special effects in conjunction with a loop and sustain main options.

Additionally, JingleWin can be instancied and all instances can have a specific set of files, and sounds are mixed together while video are in separate windows. These instances are also dockable and moved as one window.

Multiples instances can be grouped to synchronize the keyboard of one instance of a group to drive all players in the group at the same time.

JingleWin is a shareware. You can try it freely but when 10 keys are played, the help window popup.
Price : 18 Euros.

Let's have a look at the JingleWin windows:

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