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Jean Pierre Cocatrix
1, impasse Victor Grignard
91220 Bretigny sur Orge
Phone: 00 33 01 60 84 70 52
(after 9h00 PM France (GMT +1))
email: jp@karawin.fr
Born on April, 12 1954

I am a software, hardware and automatic engineer since 1980.  I work at ALCATEL LUCENT FRANCE.

Some keywords: Real time, X25, OSI, Unix, Objects ...
I like to play with my computer, gardening, do-it-yourself and many other things.
KaraDos (and its drivers) and KaraLin (with Laurent Taieb) are my first shareware products.

The welcome done to these products is really exceptional and I want to thanks all people

that have keep up my work.

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