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KaraWin is a Karaoke Midi and MP3 KOK CDG ID3V2 LyricsV2 player for windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP, 2000, vista, 7 and 10.

It can play .kar, .mid, .riff, .rmi, avi, mpg and the .txk format of karados.
It can play MP3 files too with or without lyrics embedded or in .lrc or .txt or kok associated file.
Play MP3+G (CDG).
Play the unlocked kfn files type.

KaraWin is much more than a simple translation of KaraDos for the Win32 environment.
It's a brand new product with all the features which made the success of KaraDos plus many new ones.

No needs for a powerfull computer. Just an old 486 can work in the simplest display mode to bring you a great karaoke session.
DirectX 9 is recommanded but not mandatory. Any other oldest release works.
The lyrics display window may have any size. No restriction.

Two main part :
- the explorer  
explore your hard disk, with up to 4 panels at the same time in the explorer
- the juke box part
create your own jukebox list. Unlimited number of play-list can be created.


- Play Mp3, Ogg, WMA, WAV with tags editor , read M3U catalogue
- Voice removal, reverberation, echo, pitch, tempo
- MP3+G with or without the great "transparent mode" feature.
- for all windows sound cards
- direct edition of catalogue (comment, sorting with drag/drop...)
- Print preview and Print of all lists and catalogues,
- Drag and drop from Windows explorer
- Multi language (user configurable and ready for English, german, Italian, spanish, ...)
- Jukebox with sequential or random mode,
- sub-directories exploration configurable,
- read and write directly inside zip file .
- Dynamic zik construction for increasing the load time (comments added in zip).
- Explorer with KaraWin or Windows mode

MIDI features
- Midi with sysex sent (option)
- dynamic display of main midi controllers and events ,
- slide show
- Lyrics editor included,
- Real time change of transpose, velocities, instruments, tempo,
- channel transposition
- channel volume adjustment
- adjustable BPM
- Midi editor to save change of transpose, velocities, instruments, tempo,
- playing piano window.

- Video on top of the window
- Synchro bar ,

- record and play .wav .ogg .wma, .mp3 files.
- presets management (Creation, modification, load). Creat and play with your own set of presets, exchange them with other. No limitation.
- A preset can be associated with any song by giving it the root name of the song. (ie song.kar with song.prk and when the song.kar is played, the song.prk is loaded. Can both be packed in one zip file (ie

For the Pro release:
- Play cd and cd+G,
- Video with lyrics overlayed
- Conversion between wav, mp3, ogg, wma
- CD ripper
- Special effect on mike
- Record in mp3 or wma or wav or ogg
- bin <-> cdg convertion
- lyric <-> text midi events convertion

the lyrics display :

- A lot of option to let you configure the look you want: Fonts, shadow, solid background ...
- full image support (jpg, bmp, gif, wmf), gradient for background (colors, way)...
- full video support (pro only)
- full screen option ,
- multi display support for Windows 98, XP and 2000
- scroll and border zone adjustable,
-Slide show mode,
- cam and video support above the lyrics with the Windows multimedia player (ActiveX)
- Synchro bar with balls from right to left.

Click here to view a summary of the difference between the karaoke versions Std and Pro

Main window lyrics sample

KaraDos is a midi player for the DOS operating system with karaoke features

This mean that with your computer and a sound card you can enjoy many friendly parties and sing all the goodies and oldies. KaraDos is made for major sound card standard: Gravis Ultrasound, Sound Blaster, MPU401, serial output for Sound Canvas SC-88 and obviously all kind of external sequencer connected to midi port.

This product is a SHAREWARE. You can try this product with its full features and if you like it, you can register by sending a modest contribution to the author.

This product is fully featured. There is only two nag screen at begin and end of each song. These screens disappears for registered users.
KaraDos 2.0.2
Yes another karaoke midi player for dos.


Karaoke player for standart Dos (kara.exe)
- front_end browser (kdir.exe).
- Two karaoke file format (.mid with .txk and .kar files )
- music output : the midi output of the GUS (Gravis Ultrasound,Max)or the midi output of any SoundBlaster or Compatible(and Wave daughter board)or the FM opl chip of adlib or Sound Blaster with ameblastor the synth. emulation with ultramid (Gravis) software for GUSor a MPU401 port or a serial port (com1 to 4) at 38400 bps
- Lyrics output: full colored screen or four lines at the bottom of the screenwith black background (I call it video mode).
- colors, font and size ajdustable.- scrolling adjustable, scroll mark on screen on or off- shadow text on or off
- Midi channel display with notes per channel, pitch ,pan , volume,modulation, instruments ...
- Page up , page down, rewind, fast forward, beats velocity volume adjuststart / stop
- Tracks may be greater than 64k.- Real time channels activity display with main controllers
- Can be used as just a midi player.- Automatic conversion of ANSI characters (Windows) to the IBM set.
- Mouse support- Mute of individual channel- Dos acces in kdir and kara- Memory optimisation: kdir is swapped in XMS or EMS or in file while kara is playing.
- Lyrics supported from left to right or right to left- jukebox mode- random mode, and loop mode- printable catalogue
- read of songs in zip files
- many others features to discover in kdir.en and kara.en files

V. 01

KaraLin is a Karaoke midi player for LINUX.

KaraLin is an adaptation of KaraDos for Linux. It take all the benefits of this great UNIX system and of the MOTIF widgets.

KaraLin is no more supported

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