The Tools window

Set Editor/Player

Set Editor: File chooser

This window is an extension of the set editor that let you change the selected key on the set panel.
It is called by double clicking on a key line of the grid or by the popup menu of the grid line.

It is composed with a classical file and directory browser. a Double click on a file change the line of the selected key and move the selection on the next key, so clicking on successive files permits a quick set selection.

To change the label or any value of a particular key, just select the key on the set panel and change the values on the Set editor/player window. Notice that range, min and max can be changed directly on the main window bye playing a key and changing any of these parameters.


Multimedia mini player

This window is the same than the Set editor/File chooser one minus the key values edition.

It is called by the open button on the main screen and is a simple but powerful media player with the same capabilities than the key player. In particular, rate, volume can be adjusted and the video has the same options (ratio, original size, full screen) changed by the popup menu on the video screen.

The tool window

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